CupCakeCups Event Amsterdam

Hey Everyone,
A while ago I went to the CupCakeCup Event in Amsterdam, because my cousin is participating in the contest! I'm so glad I could join, because I honestly enjoyed it so much!

What is CupCakeCup?
CupCakeCup is a cupcake baking contest for kids! It airs on tv, (Zapp, a Dutch channel, to be exact), around December 2015. At the end of the show there will be one winner, with the best cupcakes, (obvisiously..).

My cousin loves baking cupcakes, and you can taste that in her cupcakes! She is always baking and trying new cupcake recipes. Can you imagine how happy I am when I eat her cupcakes?! They are seriously so delicious! She participated in the contest last year, but something went wrong with her application, so she couldn't participate, but she could practice even more for this year! So of course this year she joined the contest again with a fresh start!

Keep reading to get an idea of how the event went!

My cousin Sonya talking to Tim Douwsma, the presentor (famous Dutch celebrity)! She just got back from the judges, and they said her cupcake was perfect and original! So proud !

A heart inside the cupcake! How beautiful is that!

Beautiful view from the Vondelpark to the Cupcakecup event building!

Delicious Cappuccino at the event!

And also a delicious Mint Tea!

CupCakeGirl Sonya!

I am just 'casually' walking to the CupCakeCup Event:)

While Sonya was waiting in the line to get her name card and put her cupcake in the showcase, Tim Douwsma came to ask her a few questions in front of the camera, I was also standing there with my sister Sarah (from the blog: Sidrah's world) and other cousin Shabnam (Sonya's sister), he asked us about Sonya and the cupcakes she makes. Questions like: Why do you like her cupcakes? How often does she make cupcakes? So we answered those in front of the camera and I got kind of nervous..:) Let's see if you can notice on tv, haha:)

This will be airing on Zapp (on channel: Nederland 3) in December, make sure to watch it!

I had a lot of fun, it was great to be there and support Sonya, she did a great job! It was also a nice experience to see how tv shows like these get filmed, how everything works behind the scenes!

Where you also at the event? What's your favorite cupcake? Let me know:)


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