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The Black Tux I Winter Wedding Essentials

Hey Everyone, It's almost winter, and I can't wait, it's one of my favorite seasons! I came across  The Black Tux  and thought it would be a fun idea to share some nice Winter Wedding Essentials, for some good winter inspiration! As their company provides  high quality tuxedos  rentals, this blog post could maybe help you choose some beautiful essentials to match with their tuxedos! Some simple henna designs, with warm colored nailpolish! Some warm colors for the winter! Specially for the winter to make it look more warm and cozy with a lot of beautiful lights! Beautiful messy hair, with a cute accesoires! Dark/warm lipstick colors are a way to go for a the winter! Of course we can't miss the snacks! Sushi is amazing:) And of course some sweet snacks! I hope you enjoyed this post! Maybe also some inspiration for other winter party's! What do you think of Winter weddings?

My Birthday Haul 2015

Hey Everyone, It was my birthday yesterday! And we celebrated it with my family on Friday. So I thought we weren't really going to do something on my birthday itself, which was on Saturday, maybe go shopping or go to a restaurant. My dad took me to a shopping center, after a while, he said, we should go home. So we went home, and I walked into my house and asked something to my mom, when I  turned my head and I saw all of my friends saying "Surprise"!!. I was so shocked, and so happy to see them, my parents and sister organised a surprise party for me with my friends! I was happy and emotional at the same time, I couldn't believe they were here, and I didn't notice at all, that they were planning this for almost three weeks!! I really didn't expect anything, even my cousins, who are also my best friends came! I have never been so surprised, and I honestly never thought someone could surprise me, because I thought I'd always notice if someone was pla