My Birthday Haul 2015

Hey Everyone,

It was my birthday yesterday! And we celebrated it with my family on Friday. So I thought we weren't really going to do something on my birthday itself, which was on Saturday, maybe go shopping or go to a restaurant. My dad took me to a shopping center, after a while, he said, we should go home. So we went home, and I walked into my house and asked something to my mom, when I  turned my head and I saw all of my friends saying "Surprise"!!. I was so shocked, and so happy to see them, my parents and sister organised a surprise party for me with my friends! I was happy and emotional at the same time, I couldn't believe they were here, and I didn't notice at all, that they were planning this for almost three weeks!! I really didn't expect anything, even my cousins, who are also my best friends came! I have never been so surprised, and I honestly never thought someone could surprise me, because I thought I'd always notice if someone was planning something for me secretly. Everything was so well planned, from my favorite chocolates and sweets to metallic baloons, (I really wanted metallic ones):) I loved the party! We talked a lot, ate a lot, watched a comedy film on Netflix and I put henna on some of my friends. Of course we took a lot of pics, it was so much fun!!

Here are some present that I got:

Some of my friends gave these gifts together:)

Yes, that's an S, As some of you may know, my first name starts with an S, and Fatima is my second name!

I love this scarf! My dad bought it for me, when we went shopping!

My little brother gave this Mockingjay Necklace from the Hunger Games!

Two of my friends made this beautiful album full of memories, photo's and quotes! It's seriously so nice to read!

My cousin got me this notebook, she wrote a beautiful quote on each page!

My sister got me beautiful silver earrings and also a perfum set, it's actually for men, but that smell is so nice! I asked it for my birthday:) It reminds me of the winter, it has that warm cinnamon and cardemon smell!

A friend got me this beautiful bag from Pakistan!

I've been wanting these kneehigh boots for so long! I got them from my aunt:)

I also got this cute shower set with a longlasting lipstick, I've been looking for this color lipstick, and I finally got it! My friend who gave me this had this lipstick on, and I liked it so much, but I couldn't find it..

P.s.I got a Sony Xperia m4 Aqua from my parents:)

I really really enjoyed my birthday, special thank to my parents and my sister for organizing this and of course my friends for coming and also organizing this:)

Thank you!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Leuk om te zien! Die mac lipstick is prachtig <3

  2. awesome post :)) i really hope you're having an amazing day!



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