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Oodlz Noodles & Frozen Yoghurt

Hey Everyone, A few weeks ago I went to Oodlz in Zoetermeer, (The Netherlands)! I've seen this place many times before, while walking through the shopping center, but I didn't know it was Halal before! And I have always loved the way it looked and the delicious pictures of noodles and frozen yogurt! Later my mother found out it is Halal, so as you may have guessed, it didn't take me long to visit this place and buy some noodles:) I got the Chili Beef Noodles, and I absolutely loved it! It was so freshly made with care! I loved the different flavored in the noodles coming together! Also the place looked so neat and really cute and cozy! The owner was also so sweet, it was really nice to talk to her! My little brother got a little frozen yogurt cup, so cute:) This time I only got noodles, but I'll definitely be getting a Frozen Yogurt next time! Some extra spices to add to your noodles:) Have you ever visited

Rihanna Inspired Henna Tutorial

Hey Everyone, I love the Tattoo on Rihanna's hand! I've been wanting to recreate her Tattoo design with Henna for a long time now! So here is my new video, where I recreated her Tattoo design! I hope you like it, and it would mean a lot if you could subscribe and like! Let me know what you'd like to see in my next video:) Love, Fatima Fabulous

DIY:How to make an Owl with Henna: Youtube video

Hey Everyone, I finally have my own You Tube channel! Check out my first video: How to make an Owl with Henna! The lighting isn't the best, but this is just my first video, from now on I'll start filming in daylight, I was so exited to make this video that I just had to start at night...:) I hope you liked it! It would mean a lot if you subscribed and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Love,

How to Make a Change in Your Life

Hey Everyone, So what I realized last year, is that you don't need to wait for the perfect moment, most convenient moment or a new year to make new resolutions, changes or do something you have always wanted to do! Perfect moment? If you want a change, there is no perfect moment, you have to take action yourself. Because we all live in the future. Thinking that after this year, I'll be true to myself and let some people who make ME a negative person go, just let go and start thinking for myself, or I'll change this, after I pass this exam. This is the kind of way you have to stop thinking!  Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect! This is one of my favorite quotes, it helps me remind myself, that I don't need to wait for something to happen, to do something   I  want! I mean why should something or someone decide when or what you can or should do? Why give other people the power to decide whether you can or can't do somethin