Oodlz Noodles & Frozen Yoghurt

Hey Everyone,

A few weeks ago I went to Oodlz in Zoetermeer, (The Netherlands)! I've seen this place many times before, while walking through the shopping center, but I didn't know it was Halal before! And I have always loved the way it looked and the delicious pictures of noodles and frozen yogurt! Later my mother found out it is Halal, so as you may have guessed, it didn't take me long to visit this place and buy some noodles:)

I got the Chili Beef Noodles, and I absolutely loved it! It was so freshly made with care! I loved the different flavored in the noodles coming together! Also the place looked so neat and really cute and cozy! The owner was also so sweet, it was really nice to talk to her! My little brother got a little frozen yogurt cup, so cute:) This time I only got noodles, but I'll definitely be getting a Frozen Yogurt next time!

Some extra spices to add to your noodles:)

Have you ever visited this place? Let me know!



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