Sephora Make-up Haul

Hey Everyone,

As you may know, Sephora make-up is no longer available in the Netherlands. I'm such a big fan of their Lip stains, because they're so incredibly Matte and long lasting! They literally last the whole day, eating, drinking everything included! My mother is a big fan of their eye shadows, as they are really pigmented and long lasting! She wanted to order the make-up box filled with eye shadows, lip colors, eyeliners, a bronzer, some brushes and mascara! SO I came to the idea to order Sephora make-up from France :) It didn't even take that long to arrive, just a few days and the shipping was like 13,90 Euro!

Lipstain Sephora 'Marvelous Mauve': 10,95
Make up palette Sephora: 39,95

SO here's what we bought!

Here's how the lipstain looks on my lips!

That's it! I'm so happy with our purchases! My sister also got a brighter colored pink Lipstain, check it out on her blog, it should be online pretty soon! My sister's blog

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you love Sephora as much as I do, or if you want to try this brand!


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