Trip to South of France: Marseile, Nice, Monaco and Lyon!

Hey Girls,
I went to South of France in the summer vacation of 2014, I've been wanting to post this blogpost for a long time, but I kind of forgot I still have this blogpost:) It is one of the best vacations I ever had! Now that school has started I miss it even more, so I'm just looking back at the pictures and to get that amazing holiday feeling back!
Here are some pictures I took. I think the best pictures I took are from Monaco :)

Marseille was seriously so much fun! I just loved the beautiful streets and the blue water! Here in Holland we don't have that blue water, atleast I've never seen water that blue here! I also went on a boat that took us to an island, which was also sooo beautiful, I also loved the mountains!

This is me, on the island!

My little brother and I on the boat:)

Omg, I love this photo! I was just randomly taking photo's from every angle! I just think this one  is so cool!

A market in front of our hotel!
I bought these caps in the market for like ten euro's per cap!

This was the view of the hotel room window!

This was part of the hotel room! And that bag is mine, I just put it there because it looks nice with all the soaps from the hotel :) Haha!

This was my dinner in the hotel: Vegetarian Soya burger with salade and fries, (although, my little brother ate the fries...)!

Nice was also so beautiful! My hotel was a ten-minute walk from the beach :) I miss swimming in the beautiful blue water. The thing I loved the most is that Nice has a nightlife, around 10 pm people were jogging, walking, eating and shopping!!! It was so beautiful and it looked so much fun and cozy and I just felt like I need to stay here for a while! There were beautiful lights everywhere and the palm trees were all covered with lights! (Sorry, I didn't get to take a lot of photo's here, because I was only two days in Nice).

The beach! :) I didn't take this picture, the pictures that I took weren't that nice! But it was the same beach as in the picture!

A palmtree at night, covered with lights! (I was in a moving car while taking a photo, so it isn't perfect..)

I was really hungry, so bought this delicious apple bun!

This is such a beautiful country! I fell in love with the beauty of this place! My dream is to live in an appartment here.


Monaco Flag!

This is my favorite photo! There were all kinds of little souvenir stalls here.
Simply beautiful!

And the final city that we visited is Lyon! Lyon is a city filled with history, secret passages from the middle ages! Those passages are hidden in the whole city! Most of the residents know were they are. Some passages are just behind a large door in the centre. So I went trough some of them in the centre!

This was a cute cookie store, with very expensive cookies, and we noticed that after buying them! HaHa..
But they were good quallity, so it's okay!

This is me, walking trough one of the passages!

This is were I came out of the passage!

This was it, I actually took a lot more photo's but there are just too much to put on my blog!

I hope you liked it, I sure did:) Let me know which city is your favorite!
Fatima Fabulous


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