Why This is The Most Exciting/Important Time of Your Life..

Hey Everyone,

I've been thinking a lot these days, about what I want to do in life, like what I want to be in the future, how to be successful with something I love! Practically how to life my dream life!

So lately I've been kind of obsessed with the Secret, (Law of Attraction book)! If you're familiar with this book or the movie, than you might know what I'm talking about, as this book really helped me to use the Secret in daily life, (still learning), I'm getting more exciting about my future everyday and even if you don't know what to do in life or what you want, it still taught me to be happy everyday, I'm really focusing on being happy and positive and I think that's the first step you need to take, to make anything happen, anything you want in life. To Achieve Great Things, You Must Take One Single Step!

Epic Point
This is the time that I'm looking for studies that suit me, this is kind of hard, because I have no idea of what I want to do or be in life, the only thing I do now is that I want to be successful in life with something I love. So this is what I just realized, This Is actually the Most Exiting and Important Time of My Life, because I actually get to choose now what I want for later, and what's better than enjoying this time, while working on a great future? What I'm trying to say is, instead of stressing of what I want to become, I need to enjoy this time, and don't get me wrong: life is full of opportunities each and everyday, you can do what you want whenever you want, but I'm trying to tell you and myself that there is actually no time to stress, just focus on what you really want, so this is the most exiting or important time of your life, it's something you need to realize everyday, that everyday is just as exciting, not only when you are choosing a study for later or when you start something new. Remember that every day is a new chance, in fact every second is a new chance to change something and start something new.
Do yourself a favor and write everything good thing you want in life, even if it seems impossible, if you really want it and focus on wanting it, a way while be made, how impossible it may seem. This is basically the whole concept of the Secret (the Law of Attraction) and really I tried using it for little things like, going to the dentist with the feeling I had a lot of cavities, (really though I can promise I had some of them), I was so obsessed with the thoughts: I have healthy teeth, I am healthy.. that I really believed I had no cavities, and guess what.. I actually had none.., and trust me, this is all the Law of Attraction, even the dentist said, I can see you had some starting cavities, but their already healing! This is the Law of Attraction in action, I was so focusing on healing, that that's exactly what I got! And you might not believe this, but I just know that this is no coincidence! What I had learned from  the book is that you're body is designed to heal itself, any kind of decease or problem, the thing stopping the healing is your thoughts! Because you don't believe something can be healed, than guess what, it won't! It all has to do with what you believe and think! Thoughts become things! I strongly recommend reading this book, and you'll understand what my point is here!
And this is just a little thing that made my believe in the Law of Attraction even stronger, there have been a lot of things that are proof to me, that the Secret works! I'm actually realizing that if the Secret works for such little things, just imagine what it could do with your dreams in life?!
The Law of Attraction does not know size, it's just as easy to attract a bag of chips or 10.000 euros, this may sound crazy, but the size and time is only in your head, you are the one thinking that a bag of chips is easy and cheap to attract, and 10.000 euro is a lot, but the universe does not know size, the amount of money can be just as easy to attract as the bag of chips, if you really believe it, and just forget size!
And this might seem easy to say, because I'm still learning, but I sure have realized that you and me can have everything we want in life, only if we believe, and act as if it's already ours!
For example focus on what can go right, in stead of focusing on what can go wrong! And you are never to old or to young to do anything, because there is no such thing as age, it all has to do with how you feel, or let me say what you make yourself believe you are!

Again first step is feeling good on the inside, so start the day with good thought and carry on, and believe me you will have an amazing day! What really helped me is to make a Collection of music on Spotify, named Positive Vibes, where I collected all the music that make me feel good, so I start the day with some songs of that collection!

And if you forget or your unmotivated just read the list of what you want to achieve in life, and that might be the greatest motivation to get moving! You can also use a little notebook to write the things down you are grateful for, by focusing on things you already have and being grateful for them, makes you realize you already have somethings that make you happy, it activates a happy feeling, that you can achieve anything, because all the things in the lists of gratitude you have already achieved!

Every new idea, new thought can be created in something big, so what I am really trying to do lately is, not only thinking about ideas, but really take action!
So just simply look around and get inspired by the awesome and beautiful things the universe has to offer!

I hope this little Freestyle blogging has helped you in any way possible! Because I simply got the idea of writing a blog post about my studies and it turned out into this long blog post about the Law of Attraction, these are actually my favorite kind of blog posts, because I just keep writing, whatever I'm thinking, and before I realize I got a whole new article!

I'm really happy my grandmother and my mother introduced me to the Secret from a very young age! Today I understand it even better!

What are you going to do today or tomorrow to achieve your dreams? Now is the time and this time, right now is the most Exiting and Important Time of Your Life!

Have a great day!

P.s. The Secret movie is on Netflix, also You Tube, I think! But please do read the book or watch the movie!


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