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Trip to Oberhausen Centro Germany : Shopping Haul

Hey Everyone, Yesterday I went to Oberhausen to shop at Centro:) I love to shop there, because it's so beautiful, there are so many shops and of course there is a big place to order food from several snackbars! Here are some things that I bought! 1. Long Bomberjack Bershka My mother bought this beautiful bomberjack for me! I love it, I've been wanting a bomberjack for a long time now, but I like to wear things that are a bit longer, so I found this one and I am absolutely in love with it! 2. Maybelline Sunkissed Bronzer Honestly I don't really have any experience with a bronzer or contouring.. but I just wanted a simple light bronzer to try for any parties or special days:) So I bought this one from Maybelline, it's not too much, a little bit on the ligth side, which makes it perfect for me, as I don't have any experience with it... it was 3,95 euros 3. Contour Make-up brush I got this br