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Organic Food & Shopping in The Hague

Hey Everyone, Guess what? I went shopping again with my family:) I love shopping in the The Hague center, because it's so nice to shop there with family or friends, and there are so many different food shops and snack bars:) And there is no better place to shop in the summer than this center, (in The Hague). First of all we were a bit thirsty, so we got in to the first supermarket we saw. That was Ekoplaza, an organic food store! As we are all focusing on eating healthy more often, this was a great store, because there weren't any unhealthy things:) So here is what we bought: 1. Potato Chips baked in Coconut Oil Who doesn't love chips? And because these are much healthier, than normal chips, it's just another reason to buy these! These are baked in coconut oil, they taste like normal chips, with a slight taste of coconut, which I think is amazing! Also I read the ingredients, and there are no extra things added, it's 100% organic and delicious!