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Trip to The Hague City Center

Hey Everyone, I made this blogpost like 3 months ago or something... forgot to post it, because of busy exam weeks at school, but still wanted to post it, so here you go:) A week ago I went on a schooltrip, we went to some museums and after that we had some time to go shopping in the city center:) Here's what I bought: Day 1 The first day we went to the Movie house and made some little videos, that we learned to edit! After that we had some free time! 1. Mac Lipstick: Whirl I've been wanting this lipstick for a longtime, it's similar to the color Taupe, but as my Taupe was running out and I loved the color, I had to buy this one:) 2. "So Real" look a like sunglasses I feel so so lucky for finding these! Because I've been eyeing these for a long time as well. So as I went to the Bijenkorf, I tried the real ones on, and absolutely loved them. I said to my friend, that I've been looking for a look a like, but couldn&#