Summer Shopping Haul: Zara, Berska, H&M, Rituals, Primark and more..

Hey Everyone,

First of all, as you may have noticed or seen on my Instagram that I changed my blog lay out and name! My first name is Simra, and I've been wanting to change my blog name to Simra for a long time now. So I finally did it! I really hope you all like it, please let me know how you like it or if you have any suggestions!

So let's get into this shopping haul now! Because I've been shopping a lot these days, first of all there was Eid, (Eid mubarak again) then also Summer vacation just started, my sister's birthday two weeks ago and also just for fun! So there has been a lot of shopping.. today I'm showing you all my favorite things I bought!
So keep reading and enjoy!

There was such a big sale at Zara! So I saw this cute long sweater, it sounds weird to buy a sweater in summer, but this one is from very light material which makes it perfect for summer. And I really like the fact that it's long and has splits in the bottom. Price: €29,99 but I got it for €17,95

These are really big earrings and quite heavy, but still so beautiful! I wore these on Eid last week, and I think they are so elegant and can turn any simple outfit into a nice classy one. Price: €9,99

This is my favorite shop, and there was also a big sale going on here. Although I didn't buy this oversized t-shirt on sale. I like that it's oversized and again long! And of course the color, it's a bit more green in real life. Price: €9,99

Don't you love all the stuff from Rituals? At home we are crazy about these body creams and other scents, but I never bought any natural make-up from Rituals. I saw this lipliner on sale, and loved the color, so of course I bought it! It's kind of a burgundy color, and it's completely natural! Price: €9,50 and I got it for €4,95

I really wasn't planning on buying new sunnies, as I got a lot recently, but these were so cute and really inexpensive, so.. you know I kind of had to buy them... but seriously look at them, I couldn't possibly not buy them.. Price: €5,90

Max Factor, Essence and Etos
Actually I never wear any foundation, usually I wear the Maybelline BB Cream, but for Eid I wanted a good, but not too expensive light coverage foundation and this one from Max Factor was just the right one! I got it in the shade 50 Natural. It's a light matte foundation which is perfect for me. Price Foundation: €15,99
I've bought a Max Factor Concealer before, and I loved it, but I got a darker shade than I expected, so this time I bought the shade Fair! Price: €10,99 
Essence Lights of Oriënt Bronzer with highlighter is such a beautiful bronzer! I personally LOVE the Lights of Oriënt Collection by Essence, because I love the Disney film Aladdin and this collection makes me think of it hahaha... but unfortunately this bronzer is the only product I own of the collection, because this collection is sold- out in almost every drugstore.. The pigmentation is nice and looks really natural, which I think is great! Also the little highlighter is so beautiful and pigmented! So I'm really happy with this bronzer! Price: €3,39
I also got some stuff from Etos, their own brand. I got the liquid eyeliner which is super black and really easy to apply with the brush and ! Price:   Also I bought a really soft buffer brush, which is sooo nice! Price: €7,99. I use this brush to apply the fixing powder on my foundation which is the next product that I bought! Price: €4,99

I found this basic little wooden case with glass, which I am going to use to put henna on! Keep checking my Youtube channel, because I'm going to upload a video soon! Price: Honestly I don't remember the price, but obviously it was very inexpensive from Action!

How cute is this.. I don't know what it's called... but I love this design, I really want to give my room a Scandinavian design, and this little accesoires is so simple and cute for my room! Price: €1,39

I immediately liked this blouse when I saw it, so I got it:) Price: €14,00

How beautiful are these earrings? I had them before, but I lost one of them, so I got another pair:) Price: €2,00

This cotton bag is simple, but my favorite quote is written on it: 'It always seems impossible, untill it's  done'. Price: €2,99 I think..

Just as many things I love, Moroccon Argan Oil is one of my favorite oils! I love it in shampoos and stuff, so when my mother spotted this bottle of 100% Argon Oil I immediately wanted it! Price: €5,95

I hoped you liked some of my favorite products and clothes I recently bought! Let me know if you also got some of these things and how you like them!



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