Zellij Art Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

Finally summer vacation! Although it doesn't quite feel like summer in the Netherlands..but still finally some free time to blog and do some other fun things!

Lately I've been loving Zellij architecture! It's actually a Moroccan and Algerian form of architecture, it consist of geometrically patterned mosaics, used on walls, ceilings, floors etc. Actually this kind of art makes me think of Aladdin (Disney), maybe that's why I love this so much! But anyway, I think it's so incredibly beautiful! So here are some of my favorite Zellij Architecture pictures, that I just googled! Take a look and enjoy!

Just so you know..this is part of my future house...!:) hahaha

Isn't it beautiful?! I hope you enjoyed! Do you have something like zellij in your house or have you visited places with this beautiful architecture? Let me know!


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