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Trip to Frankfurt + Outfits + Rolled Ice Cream

Hey Everyone, About 3 months ago I went to Frankfurt in Germany! It was like one of the best vacations I've had and I didn't blog about it... So here's a delayed blog post about my trip to Frankfurt! Our hotel was close to the Skyline Plaza Shopping centre, like walking distance. I could see the shopping centre from my hotel window:) Here are some of the pics I took, kind of a photo diary! Outfit details of the first day in Frankfurt! Just "casually"walking.. With my little brother! Another one with my sister! Gotta keep it healthy.. Hotel View! We had this delicious Attay, (Moroccan Minttea), at a Moroccan snackbar in the food court of Skyline Plaza! Also these delicious sausage wraps with potatoes, saus and other delicious spices! How beautiful is this pic? As I take way too many pics on vacation, one always turns out to be my fave! This one has absolutely no filt

Fessi/Moroccan Design Henna Case DIY

Hey Everyone, So I recently made a white henna design on an iPhone 6 cover for my sister. I really wanted to film it and upload it on my YouTube channel, but my video camera ran out of space :( It was really going to be a nice video.. but even though I didn't get to film it, I took some photo's to put on my blog! So here is what I did: I made a henna cone with a plastic bag and filled it with white acrylic paint. And I basically just made the Fessi Henna design (Morocca design) on it. I just drew something that came to my mind. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Still so upset of the fact I didn't get to film it, as I haven't uploaded a video for some time now... Let me know if you made one like this! Love,