Trip to Frankfurt + Outfits + Rolled Ice Cream

Hey Everyone,
About 3 months ago I went to Frankfurt in Germany! It was like one of the best vacations I've had and I didn't blog about it... So here's a delayed blog post about my trip to Frankfurt! Our hotel was close to the Skyline Plaza Shopping centre, like walking distance. I could see the shopping centre from my hotel window:) Here are some of the pics I took, kind of a photo diary!

Outfit details of the first day in Frankfurt!

Just "casually"walking..

With my little brother!

Another one with my sister!

Gotta keep it healthy..

Hotel View!
We had this delicious Attay, (Moroccan Minttea), at a Moroccan snackbar in the food court of Skyline Plaza!
Also these delicious sausage wraps with potatoes, saus and other delicious spices!

How beautiful is this pic? As I take way too many pics on vacation, one always turns out to be my fave! This one has absolutely no filter on it and it was like 21:00 PM back then!

I took this one in a fast moving car, as you can see, but it's the Skyline Plaza shopping centre just around the corner from our hotel!

Running to the beautiful paintings in the Zeil! Such a beautiful view from the Zeil centre and how beautiful do these white and blue colors look?!

You know those videos on Instagram of other social media of ice cream in rolls? I finally got to get one of those, it was so much to watch how it is made! I filmed while the man at the shop made the icecream! He said: Oh a blogger, hello blogger, so nice that you are here and that you'll blog about it, and he gave me his card! Little story here, but the point is, I really like being called a blogger, it's just something I'm proud of, because I've been doing it for a few years now, and I can't tell you how much it changed my life in a positive way! But I'll save that story for maybe another blog post! You can watch the ice cream video below!

My third outfit! I bought this long thing from New Yorker, I also bought a yellow Palazzo pant from Promod and some other things, but I didn't get the chance to photograph them. But in a few weeks my new blog spot of my trip to Italy will be up on my blog, and I wore the pants on vacation to Italy so of course my outfits will be online too!

I hope you enjoyed this Travel Diary! I actually went in May, and just came back from Italy! But I had a lot of exams after that little trip to Frankfurt, so that's why this late Travel blog post! I took a lot more photo's, but I just uploaded some!



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