Djemaa el Fna Rotterdam + meeting Healthy Sisters

Hey Everyone,

Today I went to the Djemaa el Fna Moroccan foodfestival/market in Rotterdam! I've been wanting to visit this place for a long time now, but as it is only three days a year, I somehow always miss it! But I finally got to visit it with my family!

There were all kinds of little stalls with cute stuff to buy! One of the first stalls I saw was from the blogger Yusra from Moroccan musthaves, really nice blogger and she has an amazing Insta feed! She was selling these cute cotton bags and other kinds of bags and stuff from Morocco. I didn't buy something, but I will definitely buy something from the site soon!

I bought these cute sunnies on sunglasses stall for 10 euros!

Also found my aunt Love Henna by Farah putting beautiful Henna on peoples hands!

Camelsss! I didn't expect there to be camels, but I absolutely loved them!

There was so much variation in food here, from Moroccan pastry's and Atay to Bara's and fresh smoothies!

This smoothie was so good! A bit on the expensive side though, but it was really fresh, with Mango's and advacado's, specially delicious on a hot day like this (I guessed what was in it while drinking, because I didn't ask what was exactly in it)..


Healthy Sisters!

I really love the Recipes and vlogs of the Healthy Sisters  Rachida and Najima! These Moroccan women have so many delicious and healthy recipes on their Youtube channel! So I had a little conversation with them, they are so down to earth and funny! They loved my henna on my hand, and also wanted me to put henna on their hands... but unfortunately I didn't bring any henna with me, which I was almost taking with me, but didn't at last..:(  But I said I'd love to do their henna someday, so they said I can maybe put henna on Najima's wedding or something:) So I said Insha Allah sometime I'll do their henna! I told them my aunt was doing henna here, and they knew who she was:) However, I'd love to see them again, and wish them all the best for their Youtube channel and blog! Btw, on this picture they're giving a tutorial on how to make Moroccan Coconut cookies!

So I really enjoyed the Moroccan Food festival! I will definitely visit the festival again next year!
Did you vistit the Djemaa el Fna of are you planning on visiting it tomorrow or next year? Let me know!



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