Huge Drugstore Haul

Hey Everyone,

Before I went to Italy with my family a while ago, I went shopping for some necessary things, luckily there was a huge sale at the drugstore, so got these things!

1. OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco
As you might know I love Argan Oil, and use it for my hair and skin! So normally I use the hairserum of John Frieda Frizz Ease, the original one. But I thought I'd give this one with Argan Oil a try! I have been using this for a while now, and it does make my hair feel softer and shinier, but I can't say it's better or than the John Frieda Frizz Ease serum, but kind of the same effect on my hair. It is a bit cheaper though, but I didn't get this one on sale..

2. Frizz Ease John Frieda Polishing Serum 
So as I just said I normally use the original red bottle serum, but this one was in sale so I thought I'd try it:) It turned out you have to apply this on dry hair, whenever you're hair needs a little shine boost. I really love the John Frieda products, but I honestly don't really see a lot of difference on my hair after applying this.

3. Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant
I use this deodorant daily, so of course I got this one:)

4. Gliss Kur Deep Repair Serum Schwarzkopf
My hair definitely felt more voluminious after using this product, it's a one-minute mask that you apply after washing your hair with shampoo, and then rinse it off. This is definitely a product that I will be using a lot!

5. Garnier Loving Blends  Agran & Camellia oil
Again this shampoo contains Argan oil and also Camellia oil, I used it on vacation and I loved it! I didn't think it would be as nice as I experienced. My hair was definitely shinier and more voluminous!

6. Vaseline Spray Moisturiser
This also one of the products I have tried before, and I love it. It's really fun and easy to spray it, but also it's great that is absorbed in your skin really fast.

7. Vanilla Shake Mix 
This one is so high in protein, so got this one, this one is from the Kruidvat, and it was not in sale.

8. Drinking bottle (glass)
I've been looking for a drinking bottle like this, because I like drinking detox water, (with fruit or green tea). This one is great, because it's also for hot drinks and the lid is very strong, so the liquid doesn't leak. Which I tested, by putting it upside down for several times, and it didn't spill! This one is not from a drugstore, but as I also bought it that day, I thought I'd also put it on my blog!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know if you also use one of these products and how you like it!


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