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Hey Everyone,

Aren't you waiting for the perfect beauty products, that deeply nourish your skin and hair? Handmade products, organic care! Sounds good doesn't it? This beautiful brand "Rooted" has just the right products for you! If you have sensitive skin or you just don't like the chemicals used in all these big branded beauty products, you should definitely try this homemade brand!

Here is a review of this brand, I got a package filled with some of these great products, because the foundar/owner of Rooted is a good friend of my mother! So enjoy reading and see if this brand might want you to switch to using only organic products in your daily care routine!

So much goodness here! I can't choose which one to use first! Scroll down to see, which one of the products I have already used!

I just tried the RoseWater Hydrosol, because my face is so dry all the time! That Rose smell though... it's so strong and fresh! I could smell the scent for such a long time after applying it!

I haven't tried the next products yet but as I love nourishing my hair as much as I can, it won't take long, before I try these out! As you can see, it's sent with an How to apply folder!

This Vanilla Velvet Honey Lip Balm smells so good!! As my lips are also always dry, this lip balm is great for me. It's way better than using all those big brands with so many chemicals, that your lips will only dry more in a longtime run. So this is actually the first thing I got my hands on!

Can we just take a moment and look at these cute bags?! They are soo cute, I want to keep taking pictures of them:) Anyways it's simple, strong and immediately shows us what kind of products it sells!

I really loved receiving these products! Have you used these products before? And how do you like them? Or are you considering trying them out? Let me know! Anyway, using organic products is way better that other ones, you should take care of your skin and hair! That's why this is a great brand!


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