Why I'm feeling quite anxious right now:/

Hey Everyone,

First of all Ramadan Mubarak! I hope that your fasting is going great and you have a wonderful month!

Since I'm done with my finals I constantly felt the urge to post something as soon as possible on my blog, because I just want to keep blogging regularly form now on. I have several blog posts ready to post, but haven't been able to post them because even though I don't have exams for a while, I'm busy. .. I didn't want to post any post because I feel obligatory to post it, I realised I wanted to post whenever I felt like I put my heart in a blog post and not just made it to keep followers/readers or anything.. Sometimes I forget that I once made this blog to express my creativity or just my thoughts on here. Not just to keep people entertained. So now I am feeling quite anxious, because soon my exam result will be announced so this is a good time to write on my blog! If your reading this Please pray for my result:)..Thank you so much, it really means a lot!

Everything happens for a reason, but what is important is to keep faith and believe in miracles:) Keep praying for success, happiness, health and peace for the whole world!

Are you feeling the same or relate in any kind of way? Let me know:)

Have a wonderful day and keep me in your prayers:)


P.S. If you are reading this now, I have some news for you!

I PASSED MY EXAMS:)) I can't tell you how happy I am! This is all because of praying, hardwork and the faith my family and friends had in me! Thank you all so much!


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