Shopping Haul: Bershka, H&M & De Tuinen + OOTD

Hey Everyone,
It's been a long time.. I've had a really really busy school year, because I had my finals. I can't tell you how much I missed just having the time to even think about writing a blog post! Like I feel like it's been a year. Anyway, I 'm back, and I hope to write regularly again, as it's summer break:)

So I've been shopping a lot with my mom:) And of course I bought a bunch of stuff that I'd love to share with you all! SO keep on reading and enjoy!

By the why I've been having some difficulties with editing the pics, so sorry for the bad quality..

1. Jeans 
I'm litterally in love with these jeans:) They are not only soo pretty, but also really comfortable! Like they are loose, but also a nice fit. I'd love to combine these with some light colored tops, like these boots. P.s. I really loved the combination of these boots from Missguided and the jeans, so I have a lot of pics! All thecredit of the pics goes to my little brother:)

Boots: Missguided €60,- euro, ( I got them on black friday for half the price, I believe they are much much cheaper now..-_-)
Jeans: H&M €29,99 euro

2.Long T-shirt
I have the exact same type in a yellow and green color and I love them, because obviously they are for summer, and they're really comfy!

Long T-Shirt: H&M € 7,99 euro

3. Palazzo Pants
OMG! Look how cute! They are a bit on the long side, but that makes them perfect to pair with some nice block heeled sandals, right:)

Palazzo Pants: Bershka €17,99 euro

4. Grey Coat
As always, this is also a coat that I've been wanting for a long time now:) Finally got it! I feel like you can make any outfit more sophisticated with just throwing on this coat!

Grey Coat: Bershka €35,99 euro

5. Argan Oil
This is one of my favorite oils to use for my skin and hair, so when 'De Tuinen' had a sale I was of course the first one to visit the store:) 

Argan Oil: De Tuinen € 18,99 euro, ( my mom and I were buying two of these, and then while paying it turned out there was so much sale, that we got two of these bottles for €10,- euros).

And here is another pic of my jeans, styled with the boots again and this cute bag! ( Can you tell I CRAZY about the jeans already? I bet you can:). If you have been following me on Instagram you might have already see this pic!

I really hope you enjoyed and you liked the stuff I bought too:) I'd love to know if you bought any of these products or if you are considering of buying some stuff! Comment down below:)

P.s. Really sorry about the bad quality of the pics again, it really annoys me too:(...

Anyway, have a nice day!



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