Chowmahalla palace l Hyderabad-India

Hey Everyone, I just got back from India, and I must say this was the best India trip I ever went to! It's not only the shopping I love about India, (what most of my family & friends think..), it's much more than that! One of the best places I went is definitely the Chowmahalla palace! It's indescribably peaceful there, the only thing you hear is the wind blowing, birds and the water fountain, and of course some visitors:). That's probably one of my most favorite things about this place, for example outside the walls of the palace you hear cars, a lot of people and stuff, like it's so busy on the streets, but as soon as you enter the palace territory it's just you, the palace and the sounds of nature! And Oh my god, the details of the palace, like everything is so beautifully designed. Just beautiful!!
Another great thing about this place is, that it has so much information about the history of the king, the palace and just Indian culture all together! And with all that the entry price isn't even expensive, like 80 rupees, for adults,(that's about 1 euro or something) and for foreign tourists it's 200 rupees.. but still very cheap. To take pictures you pay 50 rupees extra and for videos 200 rupees extra.
If I lived here I would definitely come here at least once a week to read a book or something, just to relax a bit!
I'll put the links of some historical information about the palace below and also their official website!

Okay enough writing, enjoy the pictures I took at the palace!

This is King Nizam having a cup of tea:)


Details, details and detailsss...:)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have visited this palace before and let me know your thoughts on this beautiful place! If you have never visited this place, I definitively recommend this place if you have a thing for classic architecture and history or just want some time to relax!

I'm planning on dividing blog post of my trip to India, like this one was just for the palace, and I'll make one just for the the things I bought etc. So keep checking my blog if you like some Indian travel blog post!


Chowmahalla official website:
Chowmahalla prices, timing & other tourist information:


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