Female Engineer?

There I was.. scrolling through my You Tube feed, as this TEDx video came by: "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers". How did this video inspire me so much in only 20 minutes??

My study
Recently I started studying Software Engineering. What made me choose this? First of all, I have changed my study preference as many times as the eyebrow trend keeps changing nowadays... Like I've gone from thinking about choosing a fashion designing study to a business study, from a medical study to a special development study. And then an engineering study.. I think you've got the idea now. I changed my study preference A LOT!

It's really hard to choose a study, specially for someone like me, who literally overthinks EVERY SINGLE situation! I have always been someone who likes to do creative stuff. In fact I love creating stuff, like doing DIY's, create a blogpost or even thinking about a creative new idea for a school project. I really love thinking about a different, original way of creating something. This is really something I could do for hours, just brainstorming to make something original. So I knew that I would like to do something where I create stuff.
I also have quite some people in my family working in this field, like my dad.
I chose this study because this is actually something where you can really directly work for creating new innovations for the future. You can do quite a lot of things in this field and you have to think creative! You have to think of solutions to make something work better, you have to come up with new ideas to create new innovations and so on.
Out of all these things there is also one thing that motivated me a lot... We need more female engineers!

Female and male technical?
It's always been kind of pushed into our heads that boys prefer technical stuff and girls quite the opposite. Now I've always wondered how? This has to do something the way society makes an image of what boys are more likely to be like and girls. This is one of the things Debbie Sterling explains perfectly in her speech. I really was amazed by how she explained this misperception.

Now people are more likely to see boys doing an engineering study. This is true! Only about 10% percent of all the engineering students are women. This is because a lot of girls already decide this is nothing for them, before even knowing what engineering really is. It's been printed into their heads! And even when a girl bravely starts the study, it's really hard to carry on. You are in the minority and you feel that a lot! You think that if there are so many boys doing this study, maybe this really is something boys might be better at! Actually you feel like you are the one that knows nothing, and everyone already knows everything. I can tell you with a little experience that this is not true! Everyone has their own struggles, and you are definitely not the only one having a difficult time doing something completely new.
This is just something you're are doing out of your comfort zone and it's just a phase. Being in the minority makes this worse, but hey, change begins at the end of your comfort zone!

These are a couple of things Debbie also explains really well in her presentation! Also everything she says about how she is or how she thinks about some things,(I'm not exaggerating), is like me!! I've never been a really technical girl or something, I only knew that I love to be creative, I wasn't really different from all the other girls either.
Debbie just speaks my mind! I'm so inspired! If you just watch the video you'll understand what I'm talking about!

Debbie created GoldieBlox. This is a great way to introduce young girls to engineering at a young age. It teaches them, that engineering is creating anything you want! You can literally build anything with engineering! To understand what GoldieBlox exactly is, watch the video below! Or go to You Tube directly here: Video Debbie Sterling on TEDx

Trust me this is a very inspiring video for everyone!

Video: "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers"-Debbie Sterling

Are you studying in a technical field, or are you a female engineer? I would love to hear of you! And uhm.. don't you also lowkey want a GoldieBlox toy now..? Comment your thoughts down below! 

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! I've been wanting to post this blogpost since a couple of weeks now, but today seems a great day for it:)



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