Sale Shopping Haul in January!

Hey everyone,

The Christmas sale has started!! That means I've mostly been shopping online and visiting shopping centers for the past few weeks/days. I bought so many things, like I literally went crazy with the shopping. For the past few days some orders have been arriving, and I thought I'd share some of them with you all! I have so many stuff to put on the blog, but maybe I might bore you with all the stuff, so I thought I'll just show some of the stuff I recently got.

By the way, I am so sorry for the bad quality of the photos. I need a new, good editing app, but for now I used..... uhm a Snapchat filter... Ugh I really hate this. As I always take pics with my phone, I want to edit them as good as possible and not just post them on my blog. I personally can't stand it when my photos are low quality. But for now I'll have to do it like this, at least until I find a good editing app.

So I hope you still enjoy this blog post!

1. Missguided Nude Faux Suede Platform Trainers

I'm so so happy with these trainers. My mom bought these for me and I loved them the minute I saw them. The pictures don't show the color as beautiful as they really are. They where I think about: 14 pounds in sale, which is like 15 euros.

I went to the Roermond shopping center (Designer outlet) and got these Nikes for 50 euros. The design isn't the newest.... but I loved the color of the sneakers and they weren't really as expensive as the newest Nikes. They are just a really comfy pair of shoes and they're cute, not a big fan of the holes in the front though.. Also the color of these sneakers is much more beautiful in real-life, than in the picture.

3. Knee high boots-Ellie Goulding Star collection 'van Haren'

I LOVE knee high boots, last year I got them from my best friends on my birthday with heels. I wear them on special occasions, like going on a dinner with my family or something. But I also wanted a pair that I could walk in a whole day without getting painful feet. So I really wanted to purchase a flat pair. Sooo the 'van Haren' had a BIG sale, and these where about 44,95 euros, and I got them for 29,95 euros! Yayy! 

4. Only blouse

5. Bershka sweater
I already got the yellow version of this sweater! As I loved it, I wanted more colors! This was the only one availably at the time I was shopping online, so I got this one!

6. Quay 'china doll' sunglasses

Okay so if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with sunglasses. But also that I LOVE the Quay sunnies. I've been wanting this 'China Doll clear' design for a really long time, so when I saw them online I immediately wanted to buy them!
And trust me, these sunnies are much more beautiful in real-life. I got them for 39,95 euro, which I was quite happy about .... but I just checked again and they are 24,95 now on Zalando.....-_- which is a bit upsetting...

7. Real techniques make up brushes and KIKO cosmetics

This real techniques brushes set was 30 euros and I got them for 18 euros! Really happy! Also bought some KIKO products! Like this kajal pencil and lip marker in shade 101.

Í also organized my make up products and this is how it looks!

8. Retro Desk lamp
My mom bought this Retro desk lamp for me today! I love the design and it really suits my room! And the light is so bright! Perfect for studying, specially if you are a person who studies better at night like me!

9. White Fishnet socks Primark 

10. Sweater Stradivarius
Again this sweater is much nicer in real-life! This sweater was 25 euros and I got it for 19,99!

11. Long Striped Blouse Stradivarius
I got this one for 20,00 euro.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Do you know any good photo editing apps? Let me know!

Also let me know if you bought any of this stuff or if you are planning to buy similar stuff. 

I also want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a wonderful 2018! 



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