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Female Engineer?

There I was.. scrolling through my You Tube feed, as this TEDx video came by: "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers". How did this video inspire me so much in only 20 minutes?? My study Recently I started studying Software Engineering. What made me choose this? First of all, I have changed my study preference as many times as the eyebrow trend keeps changing nowadays... Like I've gone from thinking about choosing a fashion designing study to a business study, from a medical study to a special development study. And then an engineering study.. I think you've got the idea now. I changed my study preference A LOT! It's really hard to choose a study, specially for someone like me, who literally overthinks EVERY SINGLE situation! I have always been someone who likes to do creative stuff. In fact I love creating stuff, like doing DIY's, create a blogpost or even thinking about a creative new idea for a school project. I really love thinking about